Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy


1. **Academic Assignment Service**: If you need help with any academic assignment, please book the Academic Assignment Service with us at least one day before your deadline. Contact us and we will review the assignment and inform you if we can undertake it. If we can, we will instruct you to proceed with the payment. Once the payment is complete, we will begin working on your assignment. However, if during the process, we determine we cannot complete it, we will refund the payment (this has never happened, but rules are worth mentioning). Once we provide you the solution, there will be no refund irrespective of the accuracy or your score (since we spend our time, and we need money to carry on). However, on a humanitarian basis, we might offer a revised solution. (Again, this has never happened with any of our clients, but rules are important to mention).

2. **Academic Online Exam (Quiz/Midterm, etc.)**:
The terms and conditions for the Academic Online Exam Service are the same as the Academic Assignment Service with a few additional specifics:
(a). Please book the Exam Help Service for your academic exam at least two days before the exam!
How to book a service with us: Contact us and tell us about your requirement. If we both agree, you have to make the payment, and with that, your service with us is booked.
(b). If your exam date is changed to another day or month (or even cancelled or you couldn’t take our help during your exam by any chance!), it will be considered that we have delivered our service, and you have to make the payment again to get our help on your rescheduled date. However, if the new timing of your rescheduled exam falls on the same day as initially scheduled (i.e., the rescheduled exam day is the same, but the timing is different), it will be considered that we have not yet delivered our service and we will assist you without asking for an additional fee. (Enjoy!)
(c). Once you have paid for the Academic Exam Service, we will begin revising the material based on your topics. If we feel like we can’t do the exam (this has never happened), we will refund the payment. But once we assist you during your appointed exam, the fee is non-refundable irrespective of the accuracy or your score.

3. **Frequently Asked Question**:
If we are experts, why do we need time? We aren’t omnipotent; we need time to recheck our solutions in different ways such as final result values, the style of your professor/university to ensure you get the maximum score. Although we can solve problems quickly, as professionals, we recheck because your score matters to us!

4. **Privacy of our clients**: We highly value the protection of our clients’ information. We won’t publish any information, contact details, or any material provided by our clients.

5. **Changes to Terms and Conditions**: These terms and conditions result from our experience working with clients globally from different countries and under various situations. As we continue to work, the terms and conditions may change over time. Always review the Terms and Conditions before booking a service with us. There is no excuse for not seeing them since they are on the front page and public to everyone! (last modified on 01/May/2024). The terms and conditions applicable to you will be those in effect at the time you book a service with us on or after the modified date.

Thank you.

**Note:** These terms and conditions apply to all academic courses.